Igor Pokrovsky


Preselection Jury Member

The violinist Igor Pokrovsky was born in the Ukraine in 1946 and studied at the A.V. Nezhdanova National Academy of Music in Odessa.


After his violin training and a few years of teaching music at the renowned Stolyarsky School, he turned to the media, where he focused on cultural issues.


Editor-in-chief at Odessa State Regional TV from 1980 to 1995, he became Chairman and Managing Director of the channels New Odessa (1995-2012) and then Media Inform (from 2012).


Founder of the “International Golden Violins Festival of Odessa”, he has chaired its committee since its origin.


In 2012, he joins the very prestigious list of Honoured Journalists of Ukraine, a distinction awarded by the President to salute the authors of “major contributions to
the country’s journalism”.