Selected candidates 2018

… for the 1st Tibor Junior International Violin Competition, Switzerland

First of all we would like to thank all of the candidates who registered to our new Competition. We have been very glad to see the strong interest and success of this first Tibor Junior International Violin Competition with an unexpected high number of registrations.
We are even more delighted to notice this strong interest because we took a risk by offering a unique and innovative musical program. Our choice has been led by our idea of approaching violinists by a new and original way of music.
The level of candidates was extremely high for such young musicians. All of them deserve to access the next step of our Competition, but unfortunately we had to make a selection. Because of the impressive musical skills of the participants we have decided to expend the list of selected candidates from 12 to 14.

Selected candidates

We are proud to announce the candidates selected for the first round of the 1st Tibor Junior International Violin Competition, Switzerland:
· Irina Casasnovas Jilobokov (USA)
· Benjamin Günst (GER)
· Aina Hotani (JPN)
· Lorenz Karls (SWE)
· Joshua Kim (KOR)
· Juseon Kim (KOR)
· Svitlana Klinkova (UKR)
· Masha Lakisova (USA)
· Sofia Manvati (ITA)
· Alcide Ménétrier (FRA)
· Iris Scialom (FRA)
· Polina Sharafyan (ARM)
· Arthur Traelnes (CHE)
· Qingzhu Weng (CHN)

Three candidates are added on a reserve list:

· Ai Nakano (JPN)
· Futaba Suzuki (JPN)
· Jonah Kartman (USA)
We thank again all of the participants and wish all of them all the best.
Kind regards,
Jury member of the Tibor Junior International Violin Competition, Switzerland